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Q: My company and employees need to complete work on Yancoal sites. What do I do?

A: You will need to register your company via the Yancoal Contractor System. Please click on the Register/Login button at the top of this page. Once your company registration and documentation uploads are complete, you can start enrolling employees into inductions.

Q: How much is company registration and how do I pay?

A: Annual registration costs $100 + GST

Secure online payments are available through the Yancoal portal via credit card. Visa and MasterCard will be accepted.

Q: How long is my company registration valid for?

A: Your registration is valid for two years, however every other year you must renew it by completing the questionnaire again, supplying any additional documentation required and paying the renewal fee.

Q: How often do I need to provide my company insurances and licenses?

A: You only need to provide licenses and insurances relevant to the work you perform on our sites. These will be collected when you register through the contractor portal. When they are due to expire, you’ll be emailed a reminder that renewal is due and be asked to provide updated policies or licences. If your company changes the type of work they perform for us, you may need to provide additional documentation. You must ensure your insurances and licenses are kept current in the system so your company remains compliant. There is no charge for keeping insurance and licenses up to date.

Q: How do I get my file size under 2MB?

A: There are a number of ways to reduce PDF file sizes. Try using this online tool to compress your PDF.

Q: How is our data protected?

A: Please refer to the Privacy policy.

Q: How do I enrol employees into site inductions?

A: If your employee hasn’t been registered, login to the system ( select Register/Login at the top of this page) and select ‘Manage Employee Data’ to complete the individual registration process and select a role for the employee based on the Yancoal site and type of work they’re doing. The system will ask you to upload documents and provide you with a list of available site inductions to book into.

If your employee is already registered and requires an additional induction,  login and select ‘Update Card Data’, type the employee’s name, and click on the ‘Search’ button. Select the check box next the employee you wish to enrol and ‘Submit’. Click to process the employee and select a new role that corresponds with the required new induction. You can select more than one role.Any new document uploads need to be completed and verified before you can book into new inductions.

Q: What do I do if I’m having trouble logging in?

A: The portal can email you a new password if you’ve forgotten or lost yours. Click on Forgot my Password on the login page and you’ll be emailed your password.

If you need help with your username,  check your junk mail first. If you still haven’t received it, please Contact Us so we can confirm your email address and re-issue your login details.

Q: How do I get new login details issued for my company?

A: Please contact Pegasus on 1300 663 816 or email the new user’s name and email address to yancoalsafetycompliance@pegasus.net.au to have new login details issued for your company.

Q: I subcontract work out to other contractors at Yancoal sites. What are my responsibilities?

A: You will need to ensure that any subcontractors you have engaged to work at a Yancoal site have registered via the online portal. All of your subcontractor employees must also be registered, have a current site induction and an Onsite Track Easy card to access Yancoal sites.

Q: I am a subcontractor. What do I need to do?

A: You will need to register your company via the online portal. Please click on the Register Now button at the top left of this screen. Once your company registration and document uploads are complete you can start enrolling employees into inductions.

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Q: I need a Yancoal site induction. What do I need to do?

A: For Ashton, Austar and Abel, new contractors must complete Generic induction (valid for three years) AND Specific site familiarisation (check list walk around of the mine you are working at). Existing contractors only need to complete the new Generic induction (valid for three years across Ashton, Austar and Abel) when their current site induction expires. Existing contractors do not need to complete the specific site familiarisation. Their current site induction is accepted instead.

All Yancoal inductions are booked online and completed in person. To book into an induction, both your company and yourself must be registered in the Yancoal Contractor Management System (administrators, click Register/Login in the menu of this page). Once registration and enrolment is complete, you will receive details of your induction from your company’s administrator.

Q: When are inductions scheduled?

A: The induction schedule will be displayed during the role selection process in the system. The availability of scheduled inductions changes frequently due to demand.

Q: How much does an induction cost?

A: Yancoal have determined that regional underground mines will be removing the industry generic induction at their sites, and combining this material with their site inductions in a centralised facility. These inductions are carried out by a third party and there is no longer a need to purchase an industry generic induction.

Eastern Underground Mine Contractor Surface Induction = $290 + GST

Eastern Underground Mine Contractor Underground Induction = $428 + GST

Please note that Moolarben underground contractors must now complete the above Eastern Underground Mine Contractor Underground Induction


  • Moolarben, Premier and Yarrabee Surface Induction = $25 + GST
  • Stratford Surface Induction = $162.50 + GST

Q: How long is my induction valid for?

A: The current validity of Yancoal inductions are outlined below:

Austar: 3 years
Ashton: 3 years
Donaldson: 3 years
Cameby Downs: 2 years
Yarrabee: 2 years
Premier: 2 years
Stratford / Duralie: 2 years
Moolarben: 3 years


Q: What do I need to take to site with me to my induction?

A: Most information required for an induction will be uploaded in the system during the registration and enrolment process. When attending and induction, inductees need to present photographic proof of ID. Please ask your Yancoal contract owner for any additional information that may be required.

Q: Will I receive a card that I can use to log in and out of Yancoal sites?

A: If you do not have a current Onsite Track Easy Card, your card will be printed and sent to the Yancoal site of your induction. Cards will be issued at the successful completion of the induction.

If you already have a current Onsite Track Easy Card, your existing card will  be activated for use at new Yancoal sites upon the successful completion of a site induction.

Q: When does my Employee Compliance Subscription need to be renewed?

A: Employee Compliance Subscriptions needs to be renewed every two years at a cost of $65 + GST per person. This fee covers the cost of ongoing changes and updating competencies in the Yancoal Contractor Management System.

The renewal date is based on the date the card was purchased, not when the card was printed and sent.  You or your company will be notified one month prior to this date that the subscription renewal is due.

Please note that you are not compliant to work for Yancoal if this renewal fee isn’t paid, but your Onsite card can still be used on other sites where you hold valid subscriptions.

Q: How can I order a replacement Onsite Track Easy Card?

A: A replacement card can be provided for $30 ex GST. Please contact Pegasus on 1300 663 816 for a replacement card order form.

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Other details

Support phone number:          1300 663 816

Support email address:            yancoalsafetycompliance@pegasus.net.au