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Mandatory Online Induction 

Yancoal has produced a generic induction for all workers which covers common aspects and requirements across all Yancoal sites. All workers must complete the online Yancoal Generic Induction successfully before they can access a Yancoal site to perform work.

New workers will be automatically booked into the generic induction as they are registered in the system.

Site-Specific Inductions 

In addition to the Yancoal Generic Induction, sites have their own inductions that cover the specific attributes, risks and requirements for working on their particular site. Please find more details and information on the Worker Registration page Step 2.

System User Guides

Contractor Documents

MTW Contractor Documents

Helpful Resources

Our Knowledge Base now provides comprehensive guidance on various aspects of our system. This includes instructions on accessing your account and registering, navigating our supplier portals, managing roles and worker subscriptions, setting up and using the Workforce by Avetta Mobile App and other support materials.

The Business Rules specify the requirements of the documents you upload in the system. Ensuring your documents meet these requirements will save time and have your workers approved faster.

Complete and return this form if you have a new worker who is already registered to a different company in the system, and you need them added to your company. Workers can be removed from your company by an administrator directly in the system. Instructions on how to complete this process are available under the End Employment sub-heading of this page:

Helpful Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I register or login to the Yancoal Contractor Management System?

You can find instructions to register for new contractors, or login for existing contractors, on the Registration Process page.

The user guides at the top of the page will help you use the system.

What documents do I need to upload to register my business as a Yancoal contractor?

Depending on the work your business does, you’ll need to upload copies of the following documents when prompted in the system:

  • Workers Compensation Insurance policy
  • Public & Product Liability Insurance policy
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance policy
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance policy
  • Plant & Equipment Insurance policy
  • Company Trade Licences (eg electrical contracting license)
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Management System documentation and procedures.

How much does it cost to register a business?

Business registration in the Yancoal Contractor Management System costs $100 + GST annually. This cost is for the verification of your company information and documents, the management of your profile, and includes access to local support teams if you need help in the system.

Depending on your site and activities, you may also be required to complete a desktop Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSEMS) review of your policies and procedures every three years.

  • Category 1 (Office-based/non operational activities) – HSEMS review not required
  • Category 2 (conducting routine operational activities)- HSEMS review – $500 + GST
  • Category 3 (conducting higher risk activities)– HSEMS review-$800 +GST

How much does it cost to register a worker?

Worker registration (subscriptions) in the Yancoal Contractor Management System cost $80 + GST annually for role and competency management, online training, and verification.

The worker subscription renewal date is based on the date the card was purchased, not when it was printed and sent. You’ll be emailed one month prior to expiry to renew the subscription.

How do I book inductions for my workers, and how much do they cost?

Inductions are booked during the worker registration process, and depend on your worker’s role for Yancoal (expand Step 2 on the Registration Process page for details).

New workers will be automatically booked into the Yancoal Generic Induction as you register them in the system. It can be completed online and there is no additional fee for the Yancoal Generic Induction.

The site induction schedule will be displayed during role selection in the system. Inductions are scheduled depending on demand.

  • Ashton Surface Induction $280 + GST
  • Ashton Underground Induction $810 +GST
  • Moolarben Site Induction NO COST
  • Moolarben Underground Induction $665 + GST
  • Austar Surface NO COST
  • Austar Underground NO COST
  • Abel Surface Contractor Induction NO COST
  • Abel Underground Contractor Induction $25 + GST
  • Premier Surface Induction NO COST
  • Cameby Downs Surface Induction NO COST
  • Yarrabee Surface Induction NO COST
  • Stratford Surface Induction NO COST
  • MTW Full Induction $395 +GST


How long are worker inductions valid for?

The current validity of Yancoal inductions are:

  • Ashton: 3 years
  • Austar: 3 years
  • Cameby Downs: 2 years
  • Donaldson: 3 years
  • Moolarben: 3 years
  • Mount Thorley Warkworth: 2 years
  • Premier: 2 years
  • Stratford / Duralie: 2 years
  • Yarrabee: 2 years

When will inductions be finalised?

Induction bookings are final upon payment through the Contractor Management System.

How long does it take to review my worker’s application?

Worker verification can take up to two business days to be reviewed by the Yancoal team.

Do my subcontractors need to register?

Yes. You must ensure that any subcontractors you have engaged to work at a Yancoal site have registered their business and workers in the Contractor Management System. Ask that they follow the Registration Process.

Who do I contact if I need help or have questions about Yancoal contractor management?

You can contact the team for help in the system. Visit Contact Us.

I have workers at MTW. What do I do?

You will login to the system to manage workers at MTW when you need to:

  • book re-inductions for your existing employees (you will see their profiles in the system when you login), and
  • register new employees to work at MTW (if you are a new MTW contractor)

You will select a role specific to their work at MTW – for example MTW – Dogman, MTW – Electrical Engineer, or MTW – Gas Fitter. Please note, the MTW – Contractor general role is no longer be available for selection when registering new workers or renewing existing workers. This change does not impact existing, compliant worker profiles in the Contractor Management System.

Can I fast track an application?

Yes, we offers an escalation procedure.

We understands that there are times when you’ll need your data application or access ID cards to be processed faster than our standard delivery time of two working days.

Click to review the Data Escalation Policy.