How do I book inductions for my workers, and how much do they cost?

Inductions are booked during the worker registration process, and depend on your worker’s role for Yancoal (expand Step 2 on the Registration Process page for details).

New workers will be automatically booked into the Yancoal Generic Induction as you register them in the system. It can be completed online and there is no additional fee for the Yancoal Generic Induction.

The site induction schedule will be displayed during role selection in the system. Inductions are scheduled depending on demand.

  • Ashton Surface Induction $280 + GST
  • Ashton Underground Induction $795 + GST
  • Moolarben Site Induction NO COST
  • Moolarben Underground Induction $665 + GST
  • Austar Surface NO COST
  • Austar Underground NO COST
  • Abel Surface Contractor Induction NO COST
  • Abel Underground Contractor Induction $25 + GST
  • Premier Surface Induction NO COST
  • Cameby Downs Surface Induction NO COST
  • Yarrabee Surface Induction NO COST
  • Stratford Surface Induction NO COST
  • MTW Full Induction $395 +GST